At DoctorB Signage, you can expect a wide range of branding and signage support. Here’s what we can do for you:

Vehicles & Fleet Signage

With your fleet vehicles always in the public eye, here’s an excellent opportunity for you to advertise your business every time you or your staff is driving around the city or parked on the road. Why spend more on a stationary billboard when you can spend less on a moving fleet of vehicles serving the exact same purpose. In fact, people are less likely to notice billboards and more likely to notice vehicles when they’re driving.


Building Signage

Your building signage is perhaps your most hardworking employee. It not only lets people easily locate your business but also continues to advertise it before you open and after you close. Just think about how often you use buildings to navigate within the city and you’ll realise the importance of building signage. If done right, your signage makes your building a landmark. Contrary to popular belief, the visibility of building signage depends less on the size of the sign and more on its design features.

Light Boxes

Using light boxes is an excellent way to increase your product resonance. DoctorB Signage can help your business to feature high quality illuminated light boxes that make your products pop out. You can choose either soothing or bright colours to suit your products. You also have great flexibility in the choice of materials for making illuminated light boxes. These range from less expensive thin plastic materials to premier fabric materials.


LED Signage

LED signage is amongst the most successful advertising techniques, following the principle of engaging visual information, which makes up for 90% of the data that our brain processes. Compared to vehicles and building signage with light boxes that incur a sizable running cost and require upkeep, modern-day LED bulbs do not bring high energy usage costs and can last for up to 25,000 hours. This is particularly important because you ideally want to keep your light boxes switched on for 16, 18, or even 24 hours a day.


Interior Signage

If you run an operation with plenty of space indoors, then having interior signage is not only a great way to engage with your customers, letting them know what’s on offer, giving them directions, and setting their mood, but also necessary to make the place seem fuller and livelier. DoctorB Signage works with you to design your interior signage that best suits your operation’s architecture and your advertising needs.


Window Graphics

If your business is in an urban area with a lot of foot traffic, then having window graphics for advertisement is a great way of making your presence known to passersby. While window graphics do not catch an eye from far away like building signage does, you can do a lot more with the space afforded to you by your outlet’s window. You can provide more details about your products, their prices, their key features, and anything else that you would want your customers to know while they’re making up their minds to enter your store.

Event Signage

When you’re running an event, the last thing that you should need to worry about is making sure your visitors can navigate themselves around, find your event, and take themselves to safety in case of an emergency.